Natural Aspirations Background


Established in 2008, Natural Aspirations brings you more than a decade and a half of experience in high performance engine and suspension set up, fabrication and design. With roots deeply cemented in import drag racing, we have added support of multiple disciplines including drifting, road racing, and off-shore racing. We hold various certifications in EFI tuning and calibration from several manufactures such as AEM and Nistune. We are proficient in other systems such as Haltech, Motec, Hondata, Microtech, Crome, Holley EFI and many other forms of ECU/ECM calibration. Owner Chris Sharma is also a ASE certified Engine builder and has worked with highly respected firms such as Toyota Motor Company testing emission systems and the United States Air force working on F-16 aircraft. Natural Aspirations strives to provide the best quality work for our customers' hard earned money.

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